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Saturday, October 9, 2010

You are not going to believe it, It's a new blog post!

Wow! It sure has been a long time. Here is a quick run down...
The kids and I went to Idaho for the summer. Right after we got there I threw a shower for my little sister and about 2 weeks later she had the cutest baby girl, Addison Maxine Cole (her middle name was our Grama Sommer's name, what a sweet sentiment) So, Addie, whom I adore, was born the first part of June. Then Lauren turned 4 and once again, I was sick for her birthday so to make it up to her, we went to Chuck E. Cheeses while we were in Utah. My best friend lives just outside of Layton so we spent a lot of time down there too.
While in Idaho, we did a lot of hanging out with friends and family. My parents took us camping to a fun little hot springs, I played at my sister's with her 2 munchkins a lot. Oh boy how I miss those babies! Oh and my sister too! We hit our usual, Bear Lake with all the fam. We missed Jamie a lot though. Poor guy had to stay in AZ to work. We missed his birthday with him and Father's Day. I felt bad but it is our last summer in school so it won't have to happen again.
We went with my parents to Utah to go to the zoo and do some shopping. Mom and Dad drove their car and met me at my friend's house. I was almost there when my car started acting like it had a flat tire, I pulled off at the exit to check it and saw nothing wrong. When my dad got there he saw nothing wrong and suggested I have it aligned. Apparently I had a tire about ready to explode, it was bulging, I got a new tire and was on my merry way. The next day on the way back to Idaho (dad had taken the girls already so it was just Mom and Gabe with me) my tire blew. Luckily I only heard a loud boom, saw stuff flying and was safely able to pull off to the side of the road. The tire ripped up the side of my car and my mirror. We had to have my dad drive back down, about 25 miles south of Pocatello, to get us. I had it checked out and found it would cost more to fix it, so we ended up getting a "new" older, van. We have been having troubles with this one but my friend's dad is a mechanic so he is helping us out. Thank you Becky!!
We came back to AZ the end of July and tried to surprise Jamie a week early but somehow he knew we were coming. The girls started school the beginning of August. Hadley is in 2nd grade, Avery is in 1st and Lauren is in preschool. I love having all 3 girls gone, it's only for a couple hours a day but it is nice to have that 1 on 1 time with the little dude. Hadley turned 8 September 13th. My parents flew down to surprise her. It was so cute, she kept saying, "is this real?", "am I dreaming?" She was so excited! She can't wait to be baptized. We are doing it when we go back to Idaho for Christmas. She tells everyone about it.
I just went to Parent Teacher Conferences and Hadley is doing pretty well, better than I thought! She just needs to read more and practice her math. Avery on the other hand has her dad's learning skills. She is meeting end of year expectations, and is only 2 levels behind Hadley in reading. I am so proud of her. Her teacher says if she could have all Averys she (her teacher) would not be needed. Clearly she does not take after her momma! Lulu is LOVING preschool. She wasn't too keen on it at first but it has grown on her and she hates Fridays cause she doesn't have school. Gabe is happy just, being! He is your typical toddler boy. Man, he is a handful. Glad I only have 1 boy. I love that kid so much. I love our alone time together, even if it's short and he naps through most of it, maybe that's why I love it so much!!!!!
I just celebrated my 30th birthday (for the 3rd time). That's all I want to say about that. Jamie is in his LAST YEAR of school. I can see the light at the end of that tunnel getting brighter and brighter! He is working non stop on labs and research and feeding cows. We rarely see him. We miss him but we know it is for the best. As my sweet grama would always say, "This too shall pass"! He is doing so well, I am so proud of him. He is such a great example to our children. So hard working. I love that guy!
Jamie has sent in a few applications around the country, now it's just the waiting game. I'm praying for either Wyoming or Washington. Please feel free to pray with me!!!!
We are looking forward to my parents coming down for Turkey Day again this year. Then heading up to Idaho for Christmas. Then we get to start the nasty process of packing. I'm hoping we can make it down to Mexico a couple more times before we move away. I really need to post pictures but I hate how blogger loads them so if you want to see the kids and such, feel free to check out my Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=612142768 I'm pretty sure my pictures are public.
So, that is our life that last 5 months. Maybe in 5 more months I will post again. Maybe, just maybe I'll post before then! We'll see!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I wish I had neat things happen in our lives to post, but nothing new has really happened. Jamie just finished his SECOND TO LAST year of school! ONLY 1MORE YEAR TO GO!!!!! We are leaving here in a week to get out of the heat and head up to Idaho to see family and ALL the new babies! (Everyone seems to be having them these days) The kids are all great, still cute, still crazy! The girls finish school next week. Next year all 3 of the girls will be in school. (If Lauren gets into preschool) It will be so nice to have just Gabe at home. Jamie is still really busy with school and labs. I do nothing, no really I don't do anything. Just your typical mom stuff! That's about it....wait, I did make a few blankets a some burp rags for some of "all the new babies"! Hopefully something neat will happen soon. Stuff has happened (Nothing big, some things are explained with the following pictures) but I have a feeling the only people who read this are already friends on Facebook so they know what's happening! Here are a few recent pictures of the cute kiddos. (I got a cute new camera for Mother's Day, so I did go a little crazy with the picture taking but I'll spare ya'll and only post 7 instead of the 37 I'd like to post!) (Man, I use parenthesis a lot!)

I came home the other day to Gabe sleeping on my footstool. Never a dull moment with this kid, even in his sleep!

We went to the Gila Valley Temple open house a few weeks ago. It was such a neat experience to go though with all 6 of us!

Avery is a little like her momma and Auntie Sara. We used to do the same thing when we were younger!

She's gonna kill me someday! I love this girl!

Look at our future missionary! How cute is this?

He fell and cut his chin open so we waited in the ER for 6 hours so they could glue it. I kept thinking it was going to be totally healed before we got out of there. He is pretty upset here, this is in the 5th hour, he was mad, tired, and hungry.

I walked in the girls room the other night to find this. Proof that they DO SOMETIMES get along!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friends, Mexico, and Mexico and Family Update

So, we last left you at Gabe's birthday... Since then we had our really good friends The Hammons visit, we had so much fun with them here and only wish they could have stayed longer. While they were here we went to the Swap Meet, went on a picnic, fed the ducks, went to the zoo, and did LOTS of shopping and we took them to Rocky Point, Mexico. We had so much fun with them. We may have been squished like sardines in our tiny home but we made it work. 11 people and 1 bathroom, and we survived! Come back!
A few days after they left we took off for San Felipe, Baja, Mexico. My sweet dad got a house that we stayed in for a week. It was so fun, we did lots of shopping, swimming, Wii playing, and lounging. While we were there, Avery had her 6th birthday. Nothing like opening presents in your swimsuit. She had so much fun, my dad got her a pinata, Jamie finally had to bust it open. It was so nice to have a break. Thank you so much for everything Dad.
And now we are home and life is back to normal. My dad got home last Sunday and left early Tuesday morning for Haiti to go help out. What an amazing opportunity. I can't wait to hear how it went and see pictures. Other than our couple trips to Mexico, life has been pretty slow. I am gearing up to go to Idaho for the summer. I get to throw 2 baby showers. My best friend and my sister are both having girls about a month apart. I can't wait to snuggle a baby again.
Hadley and Avery got their report cards and are doing VERY well. They get to go on a date with either me or Jamie when they get good grades. Last time they picked Jamie, this time they picked me. Avery and I already went. We went to an uppity store, she got a fancy cupcake and then we went to a couple more stores. I think I'll take Hadley out tonight. We will probably do the same thing, she really wants a fancy cupcake too.
Lauren is so done staying home, she wants to be in school so badly, she starts preschool in the fall, it will just be me and Gabe. I'm crying thinking how nice it will be to only have 1 at home. Guess it's time for another one....... (no this is not an announcement)
Gabe is no longer walking, he's running. He always has a bruise on his forehead from falling. He is saying a few words. He knows if he wants me to pick him up and I won't all he has to do is say. "Mom" and I melt! He just started giving kisses and he will give them to just about anyone!
Jamie finally finished his big, nasty lab. He would be working all night and day at times. It's so nice to have him home, I know it won't last long, so I'll take advantage of it while I can.
That's what's been happening in our life thus far. I can't wait to get to Idaho, it's in the 80's already, (in fact, the girls are in the swimming pool right now) it's gonna be a hot summer, I need to get out of dodge ASAP!
Don't forget to watch the slideshow in the post after this. I know it's a lot of pictures but a few big events happened) I didn't pick the song it came with the slideshow but I do kinda like it. Hope everyone is well!

stay tuned....

Just a heads up... I'm working on a new post, lot of pictures from our friends visiting and 2 trips to Mexico. Stay tuned......

Thursday, January 21, 2010

well, well, well

Look at photos at the end of this post!
Oh my goodness, it has been forever. I am so sorry to ALL my readers. HA! So here is our life
the last month and a half. Let's see, where did we leave off.... oh yes mom and dad coming for Turkey day. So they went home and we kept on with life then prepared for our long trek to Idaho
We left Tucson on the 21st (I think). When we arrived in Idaho Falls we quickly got ready for Christmas Eve, which is celebrated bigger than Christmas Day in the Sommer Family. Well, Christmas Eve day we got a call saying Gramma S. was in the hospital, we all kinda worried but not long after that we got another call saying she was home and they had no idea what was wrong. We ended up having over 50 people at my parents house this year (Very different from last year where there were Mom, Dad, Jamie, Me, the girls, My sister, her husband and son, my brother and G&G S. what's that, 13?) So Gramma wasn't feeling well but she came and we were so happy she was there. We had a GIANT family picture done with only 12 family members missing, first time in like 20 years. That night G&G S went home and Gramma took a turn for the worse. We were told she
wouldn't make it much longer. What a blessing
#1 To be home at
that time, #2 To be able to sit across from the table from her all night, #3 She was able to be with us all one last time, #4 To be surrounded by all her loved ones. We had a great Christmas morning opening presents and going to Jamie's parent's house for a while.
The following Saturday my mom came home from Gramma's and said I needed to go say
my good-byes. WOW That was hard. I have never
lost anyone close to me. I don't know how people
do it. She was in and out due to medication but I got to say my good-bye and tell her I love her. (Side story, Gramma, on her death bed still had a little wit. I walked in the room and she asked my mom who that was, she told her it was me, I went and sat by her and told her I loved her and she asked my mom again who that was, she told her it was me, then she said I love you back. She didn't want to share her love with just anyone. ) She passed away the following Wednesday morning Dec. 30, 2009. What a sad/happy day that was. It was past her time to go, she was more than ready, but it is still hard to have her gone. Her funeral was that Saturday, Jan. 2, 2010. It was so nice to see all those who came out to support our family. What an amazing lady that cute little Maxine Scheets Sommer was. I miss her like crazy. My girls (Avery especially) are having a hard
time, I'm sure it will really hit them when we go home this summer and GG will not be there. We all
miss you Gramma! I just hope Grampa will be abloe to go soon so they can be together again. He was so sweet and cute with her that last week and at the viewing and funeral.
So the day after the funeral we headed back for Tucson. We jumped right back into the swing of things.
Our little man turned 1 on Sunday Jan. 17th. Where did the time go? In fact 1 year ago today we brought him home from the NICU. I miss my tiny, wait he was never really tiny but he was much tinier then, baby. We had a small get together with a few friends at our house that evening. He wanted nothing to do with his cake. (So different from his sisters) I got him a few toys but when he opened his $2 tractor, he wanted nothing else to do with the rest of his presents, I should have stopped with that. At least his sisters are enjoying his toys for him!
Here is what Gabe is doing these days.... NOTHING! No really by this time the girls were doing
so much more, I know you aren't supposed to compare but honestly, who doesn't? I understand boys are slower than girls, I just have to keep reminding myself of this.
He stands on his own when he feels like it, he'll take a few steps until he realizes he is doing it then he'll sit down, he doesn't say any words, he loves beating up his sisters, especially Lauren, they have a funny relationship, he has 8 teeth, he is wearing 24 month-2T clothes. He had his 1 year checkup today and he weighs 27.15 pounds. 95th% The doctor said he looks like a 2 year old. He's huge. I wouldn't have it any other way. More to love on. He has been such a joy in our lives. Having a boy is pretty fun, I'm so thankful everyday he is in our family, he's my best little buddy!
As for the rest of us, Jamie is great, working hard in school, stressing about life, money and all the things a Grad Student/Husband/Father of 4 stresses about. I am still the same ol' lame ol',
Nothing new. Hadley and Avery are doing amazing in school. Hadley did get in a food fight at
school last week but so did a few others in her class, (the 5 her teacher never would have
expected) Avery has a boyfriend, already, he is so dang cute, they break up occasionally, but they quickly get back together! Lauren is 3. That's all I'm going to say about that, if you have ever been
around a 3 year old, you know what I'm talking about!
So, this is a really long post but that's what happens when you only post ever month or two. We
hope everyone had a great holiday season. And who know maybe I'll post before we go to San
Felipe, Mexico for Spring Break, then again.... don't hold your breath!

One of Gabe's 1 year pictures. He looks a lot like my little brother.

Mom and Dad with all 5 of their Grandbabies! Next year there will be 1 more, my little sister is having a GIRL in June. We are so excited, she is giver her the middle name of Maxine after our sweet Gramma!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

November 2009

My parents came down for Turkey Day. We had so much fun with them and time went too fast. I wish they would have stayed longer. We really haven't done anything too exciting in quite some time, we are pretty boring. I did get new, nice sheets and a new car stereo this week. Sad when that is a highlight in your life! My favorite, really nice, rather expensive, sheets tore, (they were used a lot) and my car stereo has been out since the first of August. I can't imagine driving 19 hours with 4 kids and no radio. Yes, we are heading to IF for Christmas. (Nice transition, huh?!?) We can't wait to see all our family and friends and FINALLY meet our niece, she will be almost 5 months old when we see her and we are excited to see Daniel and Cass and the kids and snuggle their new baby!
Gabe did cut another tooth Friday night, this makes 7 now. And speaking of teeth, Hadley's 2 front teeth are loose and one is really loose it will probably come out tomorrow. I hope they are both out in time forChristmas Eve so she can sing, "All I want for Christmas is My 2 Front Teeth" I know it's
cliché but how cute would that be? Thanks to all of you who have been patient in waiting for our update. Can't wait to see everyone in a couple weeks!!!!!

Sorry for all the pictures. Here is what we have been doing the last little while. Enjoy!!Jamie, Gabe, and Hadley at UofA's homecoming festivities.

The girls waiting for the Homecoming parade.

Gabe loves pickles even if they are as big as he is.
Don't worry that razor has no top to it.
This kid loves being outside
Swimming in November

It was a little cool in and out of the pool, for us wimps anyway!
I think Grama likes this boy. What do you think?
Gabe fell asleep with one of Jamie's old cars in his hand. It was too cute NOT to take a picture.
We went to Golden Corral for Thanksgiving. It was packed and really different but dad had a great point, Clean up was a breeze. We still came home and cooked a turkey breast so we could have leftover turkey sandwiches.
He was pretty happy to be eating buffet food. I don't think he ate any turkey. Maybe that's why he was so happy!

Papa and one of his favorite girls
Grama and one of her favorite girls

We tried getting family pictures. Mine didn't turn out so well, I hope dad's camera took better pictures.
I do kinda like this one!
Grama and all her favorite girls
Look at him in that cute hat. He hated it. It's so cute on him he wears it a lot.